About Us

“You have been fearfully and wonderfully made.” – Ps. 139:14

The History of the Dream

When I was in the 7th grade, I wrote a book report on what I wanted to be when I grew up, at the time I wanted to be a farmer because of my love for animals.

Years later, when I began college I majored in business. With my degree I hoped to run a restaurant like my grandfather, since I love to cook. While in college I worked with high school students at my church for eight years. During my work with these students I fell in love with working with the youth and decided to pursue a degree in Psychology so that I could become a counselor. At this time I met my husband. We had three children together but very soon after, I found myself a single mother. In order to provide for my family, my parents helped me certify my kitchen and for the next 24 years I supported my family through baking.

As my girls approached high school I started asking the Lord where He wanted me. I told him I wanted to go where I could be most effective for Him. I prayed this prayer everyday for five years.

Then one day I met a man from Nebraska and he decided to come visit me in Oregon. I asked him if there was a place he would like to visit while he was here. He told me about a farmer in Sisters Oregon who had the same name as him and he wanted to go visit is ranch. So we travelled to Sisters together and when we arrived my heart leapt! I felt like I was home.

Our relationship did not workout, however, meeting him introduced me to the possibility of moving to Sisters and at the time a bakery was for sale there. I pursued the bakery for a year and would drive to Sisters every week, assembling my business plan. During those trips I fell in love with a beautiful ranch that I would pass on my way. One day, I pulled into the driveway of the ranch, and looking at the building in front of me I saw a beautiful picture as clear as day of what the ranch could become. I saw a cafeteria with a bunkhouse above it.

Excited about what I had imagined for the ranch, I went into the real estate office to take a virtual tour of the property. The realtor asked what I would do with it. I said I didn’t know but that maybe I could host a camp there.

Then one morning, in January 2016, I woke up to a voice saying to go eat lunch at a deli in Boring! I have never heard a voice like this before and I never go to lunch by myself. But it was clear as day! I went and had lunch at the deli. I began talking with a woman who was working there. For some reason I asked her if the deli was for sale. She said that it was! A week and a half later, I owned it. Soon after, I heard the same voice one more time. It told me not to worry about expanding the business for six months and that moving to Sisters was not a “no” it was just a “not yet” and so I signed the paper and began a bakery in

I believe that opening the bakery in Boring was a holding card. Because, only a couple months after I bought the deli my mom had a massive stroke, which accelerated her dementia. Because I had stayed in Boring I was able to stay with her for her last seven months of live.

Shortly before Mom passed, I was going through tons of paperwork – and guess what I found? My 7th grade book report! Days before my mom passed, I was at my bakery when one of my favorite and oldest customers was eating, then all of a sudden he looked at me and said “Kelly, I’m going to come find you in Sisters! I don’t know where you are going to be, but I’m going to come find you.” Then he looked back at his sandwich and kept eating like he hadn’t said anything to me!

After hearing this a friend looked at me and said “I think it’s time to make another trip to Sisters.” Since then, God has been opening amazing doors to move forward with the ranch in Sisters!

I plan to bring in additional staff to work with these kids, With a wonderful team in place we will help teach these kids life skills such as fishing, woodworking, welding, farming, food preparation, gardening, art, sewing, photography and much more!

With your help the dream this dream can become a reality, every day we are one day closer!